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Sea Tees is a clothing brand that aims to make an impact. With every purchase of a Sea Tee branded item, 75% of total profit will be donated to help clean, restore and protect our oceans. With Sea Tees, you'll look good and feel good about your contribution, too!



Fashion Meets Conservation

    Sea Tees aims to provide affordable, high quality apparel with a twist- every item you buy helps fund organizations with the primary goal of restoring and protecting our oceans and their inhabitants.

    Here at Sea Tees, each garment is printed to order, by me, the founder! You can rest assured that each order is made with love and admiration for the cause- something I have always believed in fighting for.

    I hope you wear your Sea Tees apparel proudly, and always remember, you don't have to stand by and watch others make a change- I eagerly invite you to jump in and ride the wave with us!


Carly Sias

Sea Tees Founder



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